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€ 30,-/€40,- per session

Each session is 20 min.

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In short

With your own car full throttle over the track, who does not dream of that?
Vrij Rijden makes that possible: for tourists, amateurs and wannabe professionals. Age, gender or experience play no role. But driving on a circuit is not without risk! So keep your mind clear.

– Participation costs €30 (Meppen) and €40 (Zandvoort) per 20 minutes. Tickets can only be bought on the day itself!

– You can ride on your own level in 3 different classes: TOUR – SPORT or SUPERSPORT. You can only participate in the Supersport with a Vrij Rijden SUPERSPORT license (to be applied for during a Free Driving event) or a valid Race license.

– Wearing a helmet is mandatory and 1 passenger (18 years or older) is allowed.

You can receive more information via the VR NEWSLETTER, register yourself on the homepage of this site.

Respect for each other

Vrij Rijden is organized by Rensportschool Zandvoort (RSZ), the oldest racing school in the Netherlands. With all this experience, the RSZ is well under control. More than 85% of our drivers return regularly. This only works if there is sufficient mutual respect and there are no damages or unpleasant incidents. Vrij Rijden is largely the domain of pure hobbyists, with passion and pleasure for the low budget circuit driving.

Book an instructor

You can also book an instructor from Rensportschool Zandvoort at Vrij Rijden. For € 10 per session, he or she gets in the pit lane and learns the tricks of driving on a circuit: ideal line technique, how to keep calm and balance in the car and where you can catch up . This makes you immediately better, faster and safer driving! An RSZ instructor can only be reserved via the E-mail: info@vrijrijden.nl


Driving on a circuit is never without risk, therefore a helmet is mandatory! Those who come with an old or new racer car should also wear a fire-retardant racing overall. The marshal posts are occupied by marshals. Flag signals are shown and fire extinguishers are ready. A rescueteam offers assistance if a car is certain or has suffered damage. And of course there is medical support from a circuit doctor. Because we leave nothing to chance …

House rules

In the main menu you will find the page with Vrij Rijden Regulations. Are you new? Then read all the ins and outs on this page carefully! What is allowed, what is not allowed. Where do I buy the tickets or do I learn the meaning of all flag signals? How fast can I go to the pitsstraat? What should I do if the car breaks down? It is all described here.


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