Vrij Rijden and Corona rules | Update 15 December 2020

Vrij Rijden and Corona rules

Update 15 December 2020


General Rules

• Stay at home if you have any of the following complaints: cold, cough, shortness of breath or fever (from 38 C°);

• Stay at home if someone in your house has a fever (from 38 C °) and / or symptoms of shortness of breath. If everyone has no complaints for 24 hours, you can go out again and participate in Vrij Rijden;

• Stay at home if someone in your household has tested positive for the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Because you can get sick up to 14 days after the last contact with this person, you should stay at home until 14 days after the last contact.


Vrij Rijden rules


There is no ticket sales at the venue;
Registration for Vrij Rijden must be done in advance via the webshop,;
Participation in Vrij Rijden is only possible after online signing of the waiver and indemnity declaration (you must therefore first register);
• You can register via: vrijrijden.nl/inschrijven;


Access to the circuits

•  At the entrance of the circuit or at the tunnel, the name of each competitor is checked against the list of registrations;
•  Those who are not on this list of names will not be given access to the circuit;
•  At Assen participants must come alone, at Zandvoort every participant is allowed one extra person (as long as this person has a function);
•  The name of this extra person has to be given to the organization in advance;
•  Anyone who comes with an official race car (not a ‘normal’ converted street car) is allowed to bring two  mechanics at this time;
•  You may enter the circuit a maximum of 60 minutes before your first session and you must leave the circuit immediately after your last session;


Secondary drivers

•  Secondary drivers (who are actually going to drive the car themselves, other than a passenger) must also register via the poppet icon at the top right of vrijrijden.nl. After registration they must sign the online waiver and indemnity declaration;
•  The names of secondary drivers must be provided to the organization beforehand.


Onto the track

•  The E-Ticket that you receive after completing your order must be printed and affixed to the inside of your left side rear window so that we can scan the QR-code from the outside;
•  You can change into racing clothes in the open air or in the toilets;
•  Approximately 20 minutes before the start of your session you will drive to the pre-session line up. At Zandvoort, the location can vary, you will hear this in the mailing you receive in advance. At TT Circuit Assen, the pre-session line up is between the start tower and the Techno Center. At Circuit Zolder and Racepark Meppen the pre-session line up is in the pit lane;
•  When entering the pre-session line up, our team will scan your ticket;
•  Stay in your car in the pre-session line up;
•  At this moment, a passenger is not allowed on the track;
•  Go home immediately afterwards or go to your parking space;
•  If you have booked more sessions, stick the ticket for your next session on the inside of the side window now. You can wait outside the car, subject to the 1.5 meter distance rule;
•  If you have booked for the Supersport/Licensees class, you must be able to show your license at the pre-session line up.


Credit codes

• Credit codes for cars that break down and cannot drive for one or more sessions are noted at the helpdesk and created and emailed afterwards. Make sure you hand in the ticket(s) that you can’t use anymore before those sessions start in order for us to be able to sell them on



• Rent via reception (receptie@circuitzandvoort.nl / concierge@circuitzandvoort.nl );
• Rent via Riders Info op TT Circuit Assen.



• We have a limited number of helmets that can be rented once per track day. There are no more hairnets, instead the purchase of a balaclava is mandatory. Helmet rental is € 5 plus a deposit of € 50 or a driver’s license and the balaclava – which you can keep – costs € 5.



  • Catering is not available for the time being, unless stated otherwise in the mailing that you’ll receive in advance.



• Instruction is not possible at this moment.


Please note

• Anyone who does not follow the rules and/or does not follow the instructions of the employees of the circuit and RSZ Autosport, must immediately leave the circuit.


Protocol KNAF / Circuit Zandvoort / TT Circuit Assen

• There will be ongoing monitoring of people’s access to the track site;
• Only participants registered in advance for the activity will be allowed access to the site;
• There are sufficient facilities at various locations where those present can wash and disinfect their hands;
• The sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected daily. Access to the sanitary facilities is limited in such a way that a 1.5m distance from each other is always maintained. For this purpose urinals and toilet / shower cubicles have been closed and lines have been applied to the floor;
• General hygiene regulations will be made clearly visible at various locations;
• In the accessible areas by means of lines and pictograms indicate the 1.5m distance between them;
• A maximum of 1 person may be present in an elevator;
• At the central reception (Zandvoort) or Riders Info (Assen), participants can possibly go to collect a pit box key. The space is designed in such a way that participants can always stand at a minimum distance of 1.5m from each other and from the circuit worker. The 1.5m distance is adjusted by means of clearly marked lines on the ground;
• A plexiglass screen has been installed above the counter in the reception (ZV) and Riders Info (AS);
• Participants can use pit boxes. The number of vehicles per pit box is limited (Zandvoort: 2 cars per pit box of 120m2, Assen: 1 car per pit box of 72m2). The number of people that may be in a pit box is limited to 2 per vehicle (participant and a maximum of 1 accompanying person);
• Participants who do not park their vehicle in a pit box, will be allocated a spot in the outdoor paddock for their vehicle. A free area of at least 60m2 per vehicle will be reserved, which is clearly marked;
• It is not possible to make cash payments. Facilities must be paid in advance, or by pin (as much as possible contactless) or direct bank transfer;
• The petrol station is only open via the payment terminal. The payment terminal is professionally cleaned daily during events.


Successful implementation of the rules contained in this Protocol will only be possible when all parties involved are fully aware of the necessity of the measures taken and act accordingly to follow them up. Clear instruction prior to activities that take place on the track is therefore important. These instructions will be sent to the participants in advance by email. In addition, every person who enters the circuit will be handed an instruction document. All measures are explained again in this document.


Monitoring will be conducted in the following ways:

• Camera surveillance from Race Control. A Race Control employee will monitor the people present on the site with the help of the CCTV cameras;
• At least two enforcers will walk around the buildings and around the paddocks, who will talk to those who do not adhere to the 1.5m distance / gathering rules about their behaviour. In the event of a second violation, the persons concerned will be immediately excluded from further participation in the event and must leave the site immediately.

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