Vrij Rijden Regulations 2021

By placing his/her signature on the Waiver and Indemnity Declaration, every Vrij Rijden participant declares that he/she is aware of the General House Rules, Safety Regulations and Technical Conditions as described on this page, that they have read them and that they are fully complying with them during the Vrij Rijden events.

General House Rules

The participant

Vrij Rijden participants must be 18 years old or over and have a valid driver’s licence. If younger than 18, we need to see a valid racing licence by KNAF / RACB / ADAC or similar. By the mandatory signing of the Waiver and Indemnity Declaration, participants declare to have read and accept the content of this clause. Note: a participant younger than 18 with a valid racing licence is allowed to drive but is not allowed as a passenger.


Check: iemand van 17 met rijbewijs mag wel meedoen maar vrijwaring moet door ouder/voogd worden ondertekend?


The passenger

One passenger aged 18 or over is allowed. If in doubt, proof of identity may be requested. By signing the Waiver and Indemnity Declaration, the participant declares to be fully responsible for his/her passenger.


The ticket

One Vrij Rijden session costs € 40 to € 45 each. Tickets are available in our webshop and sometimes at the helpdesk on the day of the event. The ticket should be attached to the inside of the left rear side window or shown on the participants mobile phone in order to for the QR-code to be scanned by the organization. If the car breaks down, the ticket can be exchanged for a voucher code, provided the ticket is handed in at registration early enough in order for resale by the organisation.


Line up & end of session

The line up will take place in the pitlane unless otherwise announced. The “fast lane” in the pitlane should remain free. A session ends when the finish flag is passed, overtaking is then no longer allowed. The participant leaves the track where  the marshal with the red flag indicates.



Participants who display dangerous driving behaviour or take unnecessary risks while overtaking or ignoring flag signals, will be addressed by the organisation. Anyone who does not heed the advice or warning from the organisation is excluded from further participation.


We maintain a list of drivers who display dangerous and unsportsmanlike driving behaviour. Points we look at:

– Driving behaviour on the track
– Ignoring flag signals
– Failure to follow directions

– 1st violation = warning
– 2nd violation = suspension of 2 trackdays
– 3rd violation = exclusion of RSZ Vrij Rijden trackdays

If you see unsportsmanlike driving behaviour from a participant, please report it to the organisation straight away.


Vrij Rijden License

Registration for participation in the Vrij Rijden Licentie/Supersport class is only possible on presentation of an official racing licence or a RSZ Vrij Rijden license. The car may only be driven by the licencee in this class. The license is strictly personal and may not be transferred. In case of abuse the participant will be excluded from the Vrij Rijden and in case of a Vrij Rijden license, this license will be canceled.

Safety rules

Helmet mandatory

Wearing closed safety belts and wearing a helmet (with a closed strap under the chin!) is mandatory for the driver and passenger. A limited number of helmets are for hire at the registration desk. Hire costs € 5 and a mandatory deposit € 50. When hiring a helmet, the purchase of a balaclava is mandatory (€ 5).


Racing overalls

Participants driving racing cars and their passengers must wear flame retardant racing overalls. All other participants with self-built cars and their passengers are advised to wear flame retardant racing overalls.


Flag signals

Participants must know the meaning of all flag signals and follow them up adequately when showing them at the marshal posts!

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Technical problems

In the event of technical problems, the participant must immediately leave the racing line and park the car in a safe place next to the track. Switch off the engine and ignition and wait for the rescue team behind the crashbarriers. Then follow the instructions of the crew of the rescue car carefully!



Smoking in the pitlane is prohibited. Refueling in the pitlane is prohibited. Children and dogs are not allowed to enter the pitlane. The pitlane is part of the race track and is very dangerous terrain. The maximum speed in the pitlane is 40 km per hour!

Technical rules

Towing eye

A towing eye must be present in the car and preferably pre-assembled. Old or recent racing cars must have preassembled towing eyes.


Noise levels

Cars must not exceed the noise standards applicable to the circuits. Maximum Zolder 95 dB, Maximum Assen 95dB, maximum Zandvoort 92dB (at Zandvoort the daily average of 88dB is the limit). The use of a transponder for sound measurement is mandatory at Assen and Zolder (Zandvoort may follow). These are available at registration against payment of a deposit.

Noise during Vrij Rijden evening sessions at Zandvoort:
Between 09:00 and 17:00: maximum average 88 dB (A) / indication limit: 92 dB (A)
Between 17:00 and 19:00: maximum average 85 dB (A) / indication limit: 92 dB (A)
Between 19:00 and 21:00: maximum average 80 dB (A) / indication limit: 88 dB (A)


Brake lights

Cars must have working brake lights.



MOT approval is not required.


Roll cage

The following obligation applies to cars with a roll cage: the tube of the roll cage must be provided with a protective foam layer at the height of the head of the driver and passenger.


Loose objects

There should be no loose objects in the car, such as extra wheels, parts, tools, fire extinguisher, bags, cans, helmets, etc.


Cars excluded from participation:

– Formula cars
– Delivery vans
– Electric cars (unless registered with the organisation at least 2 weeks before the event)
– Pick-ups


Corona Protocol

please note that the Corona Protocol on the homepage may contradict certain elements in these Regulations. If in doubt, the Corona Protocol overwrites these Regulations.

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