Every participant in the Free Driving Declaration declares to have been familiar with the General House Rules, Safety Rules and Technical Conditions described on this page, and to have read them during the Free Driving events, by placing their signature on the Free Driving Exception Clause. to comply.

General rules

The participant
Free Driving participants must be 18 years old or over and have a valid driver’s licence. If younger than 18, we need to see a valid racing licence by KNAF / RACB / ADAC or similar. By the mandatory signing of the ‘Free Driving Exoneratieclausule’ (waiver of indemnity) participants declare to have read and accept the content of this clause.

One passenger of 18 years old or over is allowed in the car. In case of doubt, proof of identity may be required. By signing the ‘Free Driving Exoneratieclausule’, the driver declares to be fully responsible for his/her passenger.

Session tickets
One Free Driving session (approx 17 mins nett) costs € 35 per car. Tickets are available from one hour before the first session and are to be paid in cash at the registration desk. Advance reservation is not possible. The ticket has to be visible on the left hand side window when exiting the pit lane. In case of the car breaking down before a session, the ticket can be exchanged for a credit ticket.

Line up
Line up before the session takes place in the pit lane. The access route is marked with cones. The ‘fast lane’ in the pit lane must be kept clear.

End of session
A session ends upon passing the chequered flag. After passing this flag, drivers must drive calmly and overtaking is NOT permitted. Exit the track at the marshal with the red flag.

Driving behaviour
Participants showing dangerous driving behaviour or taking unnecessary risks during overtaking or who ignore flag signals, will be called to account by the organisation. Ignoring the subsequent advice or warning of the organisation may lead to suspension of the participant.

RSZ Free Driving License
Registration for participation in the Free Driving SuperSport class is only possible on presentation of a RSZ Free Driving license. The car may only be controlled by the licensee in the SuperSport class. The license is strictly personal and may not be transferred. In case of abuse, the license is taken and the participant of the Free Driving is excluded.

Safety rules

Wearing a closed safety belt and a helmet is mandatory, including for passengers. Helmets are for hire at the registration desk. Hire costs € 5 and a mandatory deposit € 50.

Racing overalls
Participants driving old or new(er) racing cars must wear flame retardant racing overalls. All other participants with self-built cars are advised to wear flame retardant racing overalls.

Flag signals
Track marshals warn competitors for all kinds of situations using flag signals. Competitors must know the meaning of all flag signals and act upon these promptly. Click below to download the flag signals.

Click on the image to enlarge

In case of a technical problem, the driver should leave the racing line promptly and park the car in a safe place on the grass next to the track. Turn off the ignition and wait behind the guardrail for the rescue team. Follow the directions of the rescue personnel promptly!

Pit lane
Smoking in the pit lane is not permitted. Refuelling in the pit lane is not permitted. Children and dogs are not allowed access to the pit lane. The pit lane is part of the track and therefore a dangerous area. The maximum speed limit in the pit lane is 40 km/hr!

Technical rules

Towing eyes
A towing eye must be present in the car. It does not have to be fixed in advance. Old or new(er) racing cars must have a clearly visible towing eye fixed in advance.

The car must not exceed the noise standards applicable to the circuits. Maximum Zolder 95 dBa, Maximum Axles 95dB, maximum Zandvoort 92dB where the daily average of 88dB is the limit. At Assen and Zolder the use of a transponder is required for sound meeting. These are available at the registration table and against payment of a deposit.

Sound during Free Driving evening sessions at Zandvoort:
Between 09.00 and 17.00 hours: maximum average 88 dB (A) / indication limit: 95 dB (A)
Between 17.00 and 19.00 hours: maximum average 85 dB (A) / indication limit: 92 dB (A)
Between 7.00 and 9.30 pm: maximum average 80 dB (A) / indication limit: 88 dB (A)

An MOT approval is not necessary.

Brake lights
Brake lights must be in working order.

Roll bars/cages
Cars with roll bar/cage must have the following: the pipe of the roll bar/cage must have a protecting layer of foam at the head height of the driver and passenger.

Loose objects
No loose objects may be located in the car, such as spare wheels, spare parts, tools, fire extinguisher, bags, cans, helmets etc.

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