Bundle 8x 20 minutes. € 125 per car

Bundle 8x 20 minutes. € 250 per car

XL session only to be ordered separately 1x approx. 30 min. € 40 per car

Transponder required Noise and Time control: € 20 for 2 days

Group A: medium Group B: fast

In short

Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September we will go with Vrij Rijden/Free Driving to the impressive circuit: Eurospeedway Lausitzring. The Lausitzring was opened in 2000 and was originally built to bring the Indy Cars to Europe and that is good to see because the complex is American in size. The pit lane and the stands are huge and that creates a very special atmosphere.

Ticket sales
Note: For this event we work in a different way than you are used to at Vrij Rijden/Free Driving. In this case we work with a registration in advance. This is possible via the button.

On the Lausitzring every participant is obliged to use a sound transponder. You rent this from the organization for € 20 for 2 days and you must return it afterwards. For use we use a deposit of € 100 or the surrender of your driver’s license.

Sound limit
The noise limit on the Lausitzring is 98dB. As an indication: that is 3 dB more than at Zandvoort.

Time Schedule

Saturday 21 September

Group A - Medium

11:20 h
12:00 h
16:00 h
16:40 h

Group B - Fast

11:40 h
12:20 h
16:20 h
17:00 h

Sunday 22 September

Group A - Medium

14:20 h
15:00 h
15:40 h
16:20 h
17:00 h*

Group B - Fast

14:40 h
15:20 h
16:00 h
16:40 h
17:30 h*

* XL session = Approx. 30 minutes only to be booked separately € 40

Registration Button

2 days

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The Lausitzring is 734 kilometers or 7 hours and 10 minutes‘ drive from Utrecht.

A passenger with the age of 18 years or older may ride. It is mandatory to wear a helmet. If you don’t have one, you can rent it from the organization. Every new (but also regular!) Participant must be familiar with the Vrij Rijden/Free Driving Regulations!

Anyone who wants to use a PITBOX on the Lausitzring can request this in advance via info@vrijrijden.nl. There are 2 types of pit boxes: with or without WC.

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