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Respect for each other

Toer class

The car: This class is purely intended for street cars. Such as a luxury family car, sports car, convertible, SUV, cars that are tuned, styled or pimped, but also young timers are welcome. The car may in any case not have a roll cage.

The driver: can be a track explorer or a medium experienced trackday user. You can catch up and can be caught up. For the first time, we advise the guidance of an RSZ instructor. 

Sport class

Often in the winter months, the Sport can be divided into Sport and Sport Plus. The Sport Plus is the “faster” version of Sport.

The car: Here cars with roll cages, such as course cars, self-built trackday cars or Westfield, Caterham’s and Donkervoort-like cars. But standard street cars without roll cages can also ride in this class.

The driver: can be a track explorer or a very experienced trackday user. In short: you can catch up and can be caught up.

Licentiehouders class

This class used to be called the Supersport and for a while it was combined Licentiehouders / Supersport. As of 2021, the class is simply called Licentiehouders.

The car: Participation with cars from the SPORT class and a little bit more! Thick touring cars, (old) race cars and GTs indicate the pace here. But also fast street cars (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.) without roll cages come into their own here!

The driver:Has a Vrij Rijden license, this is mandatory since 17 September 2014 or an official racing license.

BMW class

The car: Is from the brand BMW and can be a standard street version or a race version and everything in between.

The driver: Preferably an experienced trackday user. Who comes for the first time and with a standard street version, we advise to start in the TOUR class and then preferably with the guidance of an RSZ instructor.

Classic class

The car: Only unique and concours-spec are in our classic class on the road. Session tickets can only be purchased on the circuit and on presentation of a Free Driving Classic pass. Request this pass: send your photo with details of the car to info@vrijrijden.nl and you will hear if your car is allowed.

The driver: are exclusively equal participants with a particularly high degree of respect for each other’s valuable material!

WHATEVER DRIVER you are, for everyone: always show respect for slower / less experienced riders and give space to each other!


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